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Untouchable…Are you ready for a Chief Networking Officer?

Is your company ready for the Chief Networking Officer?
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The Chief Networking Officer (CNO) is a new corporate executive office in the business world; it refers to a person who manages the social capital of a company. The CNO connects people and businesses within the company, with other companies, as well as with consumers, hence facilitating know-how transfer and information flow, and allowing for profits to grow.
The Chief Networking Officer (CNO) is responsible for creating, nurturing, and mining the enterprise’s network for the competitive advantage of the enterprise, the benefit of all its employees, and to promote strategic and long term relationships.
The network is the next most valuable asset to the organizations other than its people.
The CNO is responsible for:
1) Creating the Organization’s network
·        Creating the network from the enterprises employees, suppliers, and customers connections
·        Building and nurturing the strength of the connections represented in the network
·        Maintaining currency of connections and tracking changes related to those in the network
·        Defining and gaining agreement from those connections as to understanding and agreement on actions necessary to be part of an effective network
·        Education/Training on what networking is and instilling it in the way business is transacted
2) Strategically and tactically leveraging the network to the enterprises advantage
·        Proactively tracking information and data elements specific to the various connections in the network to allow effective mining of data for win/win among those in the network
·        Opening organizations eyes through creating and effectively communicating the vision to seeing importance of information, contacts, resources that currently are not captured and leveraged to corporate advantage
3) Operational creation and maintenance of the network
·        Selecting vehicle/platform for maintaining network contacts
·        Defining workflow and various parties responsibilities in maintaining network
·        Defining appropriate integration points to related systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Strategic Sourcing, Vendor Management, Skill Sets Inventories, etc.
·        Changing paradigms that contacts are shared with organization – Business Development, Sales, Marketing, etc.
·        Leveraging all employees across Enterprise to corporate good
4) Using the network for community relations
·        Share networks capabilities to local community benefit
·        Develop relationships with those organizations within the community where we do business in win/win partnership
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